The digital Archive for the Portrait Books of Regensburg

A joint project between the City Archive Regensburg and the University of Graz/Austria targets on a virtual online archive. In a first step the EuroMACHs-team Graz 2012 developed for their master thesis a computer aided multiperspective architecture for the city archive Regensburg/Germany.  The archival documents of 12 books, “The Regensburg Books of Coats of Arms and Portraits” manufactured between 1500-1803, have been developed for a digital representation by my colleagues so far. The extension into a virtual platform for research and academic discussion should provide broad accessibility to Regensburg´s  archival records.

My part in the project was to provide the website visitors with basic data and  illustrative examples about the content. The Cultural Heritage Community and casual visitors are informed about historical and administrative facts on times and circumstances of the Imperial City of Regensburg.  I chose for this knowledge transfer the tools educast, interviews, video clips and info charts to communicate about the project and content.


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