Scenario 3:

The project “History Reloaded” is composed of 4 scenarios. They were developed to engage the citizens of Regensburg in cultural heritage projects.

The Imperial Diet Catwalk  

Fashion Design Contest inspired by the period, when Regensburg was the “Salon of Europe” (between 1663 -1806.)KaisLeopIMeytensKHMkl)

The designs refer to all genders, nationalities and social classes at the time and can be a medley of

  • cultural diversity (as reference to this international period of Regensburg)
  • male and female fashion

Jury: Art students, foreign nationals, historians, shop owners, tailors of Regensburg and creative industry rate the designs (real or online drafts).

Every year one popular artist/designer like Christian Lacroix (fashion and theatre costume designer) acts as jury member and promoter.

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