Educasts – The archival Books in the manner of an illustrated chronicle

Short Educational Podcasts were produced for the narrative of the „The Regensburg Books of Coats of Arms and Portraits“. These 12 administrative books are a rare and unique example of archival records. They are illustrated with colourful oil- and watercolour paintings showing besides electoral lists the councilmen of Regensburg and/or their coats of arms.

The educasts are about


1.   the  content and purpose of the 12 books


2. the role of the people acting in the council of Regensburg at the time / the administrators


3.  the constitution of  Regensburg: “Kayserliche Regimentsordnung” when Regensburg was an Imperial City of the Holy Roman Empire 1500-1803.

4.    two Interviews with EuroMACHs professors about the  project
kropklthumbn        stiegi

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ingo H. Kropač                                           Dr. Hubert Stigler


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