Does Heritage Matter?

Cultural heritage is a remnant of human activity, a connection to people existing in the past, a communication across time. The story told by these remnants can be based on scientific research and facts or on inspirative awareness, then the story told may be true or not true.

According to Lyotard “the stories heard, told, handed down, recalled and updated – create familiarity, community and identity”. Our citizen participation projects follow this line and attach great importance to the socializing aspect and creative potential of cultural heritage activities.

The main focus of the projects is content – stories, items, tangible and intangible memories. Another one the methods and activities to transform cultural heritage content into useful commodities.

This transformation from content to commodity is the main issue of our heritage projects and it´s key element is creativity.

As the heritage-based industry is growing we can answer the question “Does heritage matter?” with positive facts and figures. This will not only boost investment appetite, but gives the more sublime arguments some factuality as well.

You are very welcomed to comment on the blog. Please keep in mind that only those contributions, that stay within the scope of the projects presented can be answered.

Feel free to communicate and happy blogging!


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